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The Free Software Pact

The Free Software Pact

Protecting and developing a common.

I am a candidate in the 2014 European elections.

I am aware that:

The work of Free Software actors plays a role in the preservation of essential freedom in the digital era, the sharing of knowledge and the bridging of the "digital gap". It is also an opportunity for the general public, for our technological independence and competitiveness, in my country and in Europe;

Free Software is a "common", to be protected and developed. Its existence relies upon the right for an author to release their software along with the source code, and to grant everyone the right to use, copy, adapt and redistribute it, in its original or in a modified form.

I therefore undertake to:

Encourage all administrations, all public or local services to prefer Free Software and open standards in their choices, purchases and own developments;

Support active policies in favour of Free Software, and oppose any discrimination against it ;

Stand up for Free Software authors' and users' rights, especially by requiring the modification of any legal text currently weakening those rights, and opposing any legal project that would lead to such consequences.

I want to sign!

You can download the pact in PDF or OpenDocument Format.

In order to register your signature, please fill out the pact, and send it back to us : contact (a)

The Free Software Pact in other languages

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We would like the "Free Software Pact" to be translated into as many languages as possible. If you are looking for another translation, you can check the wiki if a translation was started, or start your own!

Advocacy documents

Find two advocacy documents we published for the 2009 campaign, aimed at briefing candidates to the European elections about Free Software :