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Contact your candidates to the European elections and ask them to sign the Free Software Pact!

The European elections are in less than a month. So far, 26 candidates have signed the Free Software Pact. Use the contact platform to get in touch with candidates in your country and ask them to sign the Free Software Pact!

The contact platform is there to help you contact candidates. On the platform, you can see who has signed the Free Software Pact, but also register as a volunteer, relay contact actions, find out and/or add candidates contact info, ...

Now is the time to contact candidates ! With the elections in less than a month, most of the candidates' names are now public. Get in touch with them, whether by email, phone, mail, or direct contact, and ask them if they are planning to sign the Free Software Pact.

You can elaborate by explaining why Free Software is important to you and why you believe it should be protected by legislators. Software patent, interoperability, freedom, privacy,... are all important and valid arguments to be heard by the future Members of the European Parliament!

You can also use the 2009 documents Free Software - what is at stake and Free Software - The threats to have more ideas on how to explain the issue to your candidates. Don't hesitate to use them!

And of course, you can also sign the Free Software usage declaration in order to show you support for Free Software and tell politicians that you believe it is important that they protect and promote it.